Bread for the World Sunday

Bread for the World Sunday is an opportunity to deepen our partnership with your church or community as we join together to live out God’s vision of a world without hunger. Through our prayers for an end to hunger, letters, and phone calls to our nation's leaders, and financial support to Bread of the World, your church can give bold witness to God's justice and mercy in the world. 

The strength of Bread for the World is found in our shared commitment to address the root cause of hunger: poverty, discrimination based on race and gender, unemployment, immigration, mass incarceration, and economic inequality. On Bread for the World Sunday, we recognize and give thanks for the work churches, community groups, and denominations are all doing to remove the obstacles that keep people from sharing in God's abundance.

We celebrate the diversity of faith traditions across race, ethnicity, and culture that are working together to end hunger. Moved by God's love in Jesus Christ, we reach out in love to our neighbors—and we help create a better future for all.

This year, Bread for the World Sunday will take place as the midterm elections approach. The outcome of those elections could have huge implications for people struggling with hunger and poverty all over the world. This is a moment when we can come together to pray for those who struggle with hunger—and rededicate ourselves to advocate for legislation that will help achieve the international goal of ending hunger by 2030.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus tells his disciples that, “with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10: 27).  In this spirit of God-given possibility, we invite your prayers and your actions for an end to hunger.

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How Your Church Can Celebrate

  1. Select a Sunday or weekend when you will celebrate. Bread for the World Sunday is scheduled for Oct. 21, but you are welcome to participate on another date if that works better for your church.
  2. Plan which elements in your worship service will address hunger. Your celebration can be as simple as including prayers for people struggling with hunger during a worship service. Prayers for the day are an ideal opportunity to remember those who are hungry—and our nation’s decision makers who can change the policies and conditions that allow hunger to persist. Or you may wish to devote your sermon, children's message, and other activities to ending hunger in God's world. Many churches have a “mission moment” before the offering or perhaps there can be a special announcement.
  3. Free resources in English and Spanish are available—including bulletin inserts and a Bread for the World Sunday poster. A variety of Biblical reflections and responsive prayers are available for download.Order free resources     Give Us Your Feedback
  4. As part of your Bread for the World Sunday celebration, you may want to conduct an Offering of Letters—taking time to write brief letters to members of Congress, urging them to continue our nation’s investments in programs that provide hope and opportunity for people living with hunger. A variety of resources are available to help your church conduct an Offering of Letters.
  5. Gather a special offering or collection. You may wish to allocate the funds to a denominational hunger program, a local feeding program, or Bread for the World. You may order free offering or pew envelopes for this purpose.

Use Our Bread for the World Sunday Resources

Responsive Prayers

A Responsive Prayer
by Rev. Jonathan D. Counts, pastor of SG Spottswood A.M.E. Zion Church in Landover, Maryland and a member of the Bread for the World’s Pan-African Young Adult Network-Spiritual Commission.

O God, Help Us to Follow Your Will: A Responsive Prayer
by Dr. Kathleen Dorsey Bellow, a Roman Catholic theologian, past convener of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium and contributor to Bread for the World’s Pan-African Devotional Guide.

Use these responsive prayers in a Bible study or small group to pray for God’s assistance to live out God’s vision of a world without hunger.

Biblical Reflections

A Devotional Reflection on Nehemiah 2:7-8
by Rev. Tyler C. Millner, pastor of Morning Star Holy Church in Martinsville, Virginia. This reflection was taken from Bread for the World’s Pan-African Devotional for the third Sunday in October.

Letters were used throughout the Bible and in history to make important points and advance goals just as Bread for the World uses letters to advocate for those affected by hunger and poverty. Learn more about the importance of letters in this reflection.

Sermon Note Reflections on Nehemiah 2:7-8 and Mark 10:35-45
by Bishop Don Williams, who serves on the board of bishops of the United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic).

As servants of Christ we are reminded to help all people in need, regardless of background and never to forget those who help us throughout life. Use this reflection to learn more about using the gifts God gives us to help those in need.

More Resources Available

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us at or call 800-822-7323. Help us improve the Bread for the World Sunday experience by providing your feedback.

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"For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve ..."

Mark 10:45

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