Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Hunger as an Election Issue

The elections in 2014 (congressional) and 2016 (congressional and presidential) are vitally important to Bread for the World.

Bread wants to help end hunger by 2030, and to do that, it needs to help build the political will to make hunger a national priority by 2017.

Starting with this year’s elections, Bread hopes it can get a Congress and new president who are behind these goals.

This summer and fall, during the campaigns leading up to the 2014 mid-term congressional elections, Bread is asking its members all over the country to engage all candidates on hunger and poverty issues.

To equip Bread members to do this engagement, Bread is providing these materials:

Elections Resources in English

Recursos en Español

(New resources are coming soon)

  • Manual: Las Elecciones Son Importantes

    Una guía comprensiva para hablar con los candidatos y sensibilizar la política del hambre.

  • 10 Maneras que los Cristianos Pueden Ayudar a Erradicar el Hambre Durante las Elecciones

    Descubre las maneras que pueden utilizar su iglesia y su fe para terminar el hambre durante las elecciones.

  • Registro del Voto del Congreso
    Como vota su miembro del Congreso sobre las leyes vitales para personas pobres y que padecen hambre.

Additional Resources

“Voting is a sacred obligation. Giving time and money to candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to reducing mass hunger and poverty is an integral part of good stewardship.”

— Bread for the World president David Beckmann, Exodus from Hunger

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