Bread's I Vote to End Hunger Campaign

Thank you for praying and for raising the issues of hunger and poverty in the 2016 elections. More than 640,000 of you told presidential and congressional candidates you would vote to end hunger.

Now, legislation to put us on track to end hunger and poverty needs our attention. Learn more about how you can make a difference at the Activist Corner.

2017 is a turning point! Ending hunger by 2030 is within reach if we can move key pieces of legislation in 2017. Both parties must work together to accomplish what we work and pray for — an end hunger and poverty in our time. 

Please continue to pray that we and our elected leaders take this opportunity God has made possible — an exodus from hunger. Sign up to receive bi-weekly prayers to end hunger.

Focusing on the 2016 Elections

One of the best times to raise the issues of hunger and poverty is during election campaigns. During these periods, current and potential office holders are listening the most and are making and establishing promises, priorities, and plans.

The 2016 elections are critical in our work. This year, we can elect leaders who will pass laws, fund programs, and create policy to put our nation and the world on track to end hunger by 2030. The new Congress and president we elect in November will take office in early 2017, leaving only 13 years to achieve our goal. But we can do it. Hunger is not a partisan issue. That is why Bread works with our nation’s leaders — whoever they may be — in a bipartisan manner. Bread does not endorse any candidate or political party.

A recent survey conducted for Bread reveals that 39 out of every 100 voters polled strongly believe that political candidates must fight for funding for anti-hunger programs to earn their vote. In addition, 64 out of every 100 voters polled consider ending hunger as one of the most important priorities for the U.S. government.

Get Involved

As part of our I Vote to End Hunger strategy, Bread needs you to be part of this campaign and push this message out to candidates in the congressional and presidential elections. You can join our campaign:

Get in front of the candidates

Whether during public forums, town hall meetings, or a meeting at a candidate's office, you can engage all candidates on hunger in the 2016 elections. In most cases, that will be a candidate from each of the major parties. It is important to engage candidates on both sides so that regardless of who wins, there is a relationship established with the office-holder.

We want you to ask candidates the following questions:

  • If elected, what will you do to end hunger, alleviate poverty, and create opportunity in the U.S. and worldwide?
  • Will you publicize your position on hunger, poverty, and opportunity on your website and in social media?
  • Will you meet with us within the first 30 days of taking office?

Tell us and others about your involvement

After meeting with a candidate, please let us know how it went by completing the Activist Field Report Form. This will help Bread for the World track the number of candidates who are being engaged.

Additionally, writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper and posting your experience on social media will publicize your efforts. All of the materials you will need are posted in the Elections Resources section below.

If you have any questions or need support with elections, please contact us by email or 202/639-9400.

Elections Resources

Bread provides resources in English and Spanish for you to use in your state/district to engage candidates on these issues. These materials include:

Candidate packet

Materials to present to candidates when you meet with them:

And remember to fill out the Activist Field Report Form after talking to your candidate.

Resources for activists

Social media packet

Other Resources

2016 Elections Survey

Bread for the World commissioned The Mellman Group and Eleison LLC to survey 1,000 voters on the issue of hunger and the 2016 elections. Download a summary of the survey and graphics that illustrate the results.

Candidate Videos

Since 2010, Bread has been working with more than 100 heads of denominations and other Christian leaders to ensure funding for anti-hunger programs. For the 2016 elections, the Circle asked presidential candidates: “What would you do as president to offer help and opportunity to hungry and poor people in the United States and around the world?” Almost all candidates submitted videos. View their videos and download a study guide to use with them.

Vote to End Hunger (VTEH) coalition

The VTEH coalition is a broad group of individuals and organizations committed to ending hunger in the U.S. and around the world by 2030. They believe that it will take a combined public and political will to do this. The coalition is working to elevate the issue of hunger with candidates during the 2016 election cycle.

See all of Bread's elections materials.

Other Things You Can Do

Pray for candidates

Ask God to direct them to uphold justice and care for people in need and all who are vulnerable in our own country and the world.

Here's a suggested prayer:

O God, our Creator, through our elected leaders and our government, you sustain all you have made. We pray especially for people who are seeking election to political offices in our country. Grant them integrity and wisdom to focus on matters that strengthen our government and provide help and opportunity to people in need. Give us courage to challenge candidates to address issues of hunger and poverty. As we prepare to cast our votes, may we be guided by your vision of love, justice, and mercy. In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen.

Pledge to vote to end hunger

If you are moved to elect leaders who will fight to end hunger at home and abroad, please sign this pledge.

Sign this Pledge

Elect leaders who “defend the cause of the poor of the people, and give deliverance to the needy.”

Psalm 72:4

from our Resource Library

For Education

For Faith

  • Unity Declaration on Racism and Poverty

    A diverse body of Christian leaders calls on the churches and Congress to focus on the integral connection.

    Dear Members of Congress,

    As the president and Congress are preparing their plans for this year, almost 100 church leaders—from all the families of U.S. Christianity—are...

  • In Times Like These … A Pan-African Christian Devotional for Public Policy Engagement

    This devotional guide invites deepened relationship with and among Pan-Af­rican people and elected leaders in the mission to end hunger and poverty.

  • Sermon by David Beckmann at Duke University Chapel

    Remarks delivered October 1, 2017 at Duke University Chapel in Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

    Thank you for inviting me to preach here at Duke University Chapel. And I especially want to thank the Bread for the World members who have come this morning.

    Bruce Puckett urged...

For Advocacy

  • Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit

    A set of how-to sheets for carrying out advocacy and fact sheets on the current issues Bread for the World is working on.

    For new and current Bread grassroots hunger activists.

    Ideal as a starter toolkit for new Bread activists or as a set of updates for current activists.


  • U.S. Hunger and Poverty State Fact Sheets

    These fact sheets provide a snapshot of hunger and poverty in the United States and in each state plus Washington, D.C. 

  • Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017

    Unnecessarily long prison sentences, combined with the lack of rehabilitative programs for people in prison, exacerbate hunger, poverty, and existing inequalities.

    Overly harsh mandatory minimum prison sentences have contributed to the rapid increase of our country’s prison population. The...


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